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Renowned singer-songwriter Alicia Keys recently appeared on the cover of InStyle magazine’s June 2023 issue. In an insightful interview, the 42-year-old artist delved into her personal journey of self-discovery, her famous decision to stop using makeup back in 2016, and her lifestyle brand, Keys Soulcare.

The Grammy-winning singer, who recently performed on Good Morning America, opened up about her rebellious phase when she chose to go against societal expectations of beauty. “I had a moment of rebellion that was widely noticed. That was the time when I was just beginning to understand myself,” she shared with InStyle.

She further elaborated, “I felt a strong urge to rebel against what society and people were expecting of me, dictating how I should look. I was tired of conforming to these expectations.”

The mother of two boys, Egypt, 12, and Genesis, 8, whom she shares with her husband Swizz Beatz, also talked about her lifestyle brand, Keys Soulcare. The brand offers a wide array of products from body care and makeup to candles. When she launched the brand in 2020, she explained to People that it’s all about “how we nurture ourselves.”

Alicia’s decision to go makeup-free began with a photoshoot that led to a profound realization. She felt the most “strong, empowered, free, and honestly beautiful” she had ever felt. In her conversation with InStyle, she expressed how this journey of self-discovery influenced her decision to reintegrate cosmetics into her beauty regimen.

“As I started to deepen my relationship with myself, I realized it’s not about any specific thing. It’s not about wearing makeup or not wearing makeup. It’s not about mascara or no mascara. It’s not about lipstick or no lipstick,” the New York-born artist expressed. “It’s about how you want to express yourself, claim your space, and set your boundaries,” she added.

Alicia took to Instagram to promote the interview and share her thoughts with her 26.6 million followers. “The world is so physical. We’re not taught enough about the spiritual or soulful aspects of life. My skin didn’t start to change until I changed the energy around me and within me,” she wrote.

The multi-talented artist also introduced a new skin tint from her range on Instagram. “I’m thrilled to introduce you to ‘It’s Like Skin’ skin tint. This has been my go-to everyday skincare color-hybrid, even on tour where I do my own makeup for each show,” she captioned a video.

In the same post, she emphasized the importance of products that make our skin feel safe and protected. She also invited her followers to share their skin stories and experiences.

The interview also touched upon the challenges she faced due to early fame. “I had to deal with a lot of toxic energy and stress at a young age that I didn’t know how to handle or regulate,” she detailed.

Through her journey of self-discovery and experimentation, she found ways to manage her emotions and stress. “The most important thing I learned is having a relationship with yourself. This helps you regulate your emotions or stress factors. It’s the first step towards finding not only peace but also your own inner beauty because it’s coming from that space,” she concluded.

Whether it’s through her music, her lifestyle brand Keys Soulcare or her personal journey of self-discovery and embracing natural beauty, Alicia Keys continues to inspire women across the globe. Her story is a testament that beauty is not just about makeup or eyebrow threading but a reflection of one’s inner self and personal journey.