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Ashley Graham, the globally recognized model who was once crowned Maxim’s World’s Sexiest Woman, recently took to Instagram to share a series of untouched photos. The images not only showcased her naturally radiant, makeup-free visage but also offered a rare glimpse into her private life as a mother of three.

In one charming snapshot, Ashley was seen enjoying a car ride with her husband, Justin Ervin. The photo captured the model in the passenger seat, her face free of makeup and her brunette hair cascading in loose curls. As she snapped the selfie, Justin kept his focus on the road, embodying the role of a responsible and attentive driver.

In another image, the Sports Illustrated model zoomed in on her face, unabashedly revealing her freckles and blemishes without any makeup to mask them. This isn’t the first time Ashley has shared such candid photos, but it is uncommon for her to post pictures of her children.

The proud mother of three also shared a delightful capture of her twin sons, Malachi and Roman, who are one year old, and her eldest son Isaac, aged three, enjoying a day at the park. The boys were pictured from behind, swinging happily in their diapers, their shirts discarded in the summer heat. Another heartwarming photo showed the twins holding hands, dressed only in their diapers.

Ashley and Justin typically choose to keep their children away from the public eye, often obscuring their faces in shared images. However, this recent post offered a rare insight into their family life. Last month, Ashley humorously shared about “surviving” an adventurous outing with her children without Justin’s assistance.

Wearing a chic all-black ensemble paired with a cream baseball cap, black sunglasses, a black purse, and white sneakers, Ashley was pictured sitting on the ground surrounded by her three children during an outing. “I survived a trip to the zoo with all 3 by myself,” she wrote in the caption.

The 35-year-old model has noticeably slimmed down since giving birth in January 2022. She attributes her transformation to a healthy diet filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats, as she revealed to Stylecraze. Ashley also shared details about her workout routine which includes jumping squats, lunges, weight lifting, push-ups, and barbell squats.

Fans quickly noticed Ashley’s slimmer appearance in her recent Instagram posts. While some fans praised her for her new look, others defended her against negative comments about her weight loss. One fan stated, “I’m so tired of the ‘she’s not plus size’ anymore… any size over 14 is a plus-size model. So she’s still a plus-size model. She looks good, period.”

Ashley Graham’s recent posts not only celebrate natural beauty but also underline the importance of embracing oneself without makeup or eyelash extensions. They serve as an inspiring reminder for women everywhere that true beauty lies in authenticity and self-love. Whether it’s sharing makeup-free selfies or supporting services like eyebrow threading in Scottsdale Arizona Lashes studios, Ashley continues to champion women’s beauty in all its diverse forms.