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As the curtains fell on the Fall 2023 couture season, a wave of audacious makeup looks dominated the catwalks of Paris. The season was marked by a pronounced inclination towards graphic eyeliner and vibrant hues, as observed by renowned makeup artist Diane Kendal.

Aelis, a brand known for its avant-garde aesthetics, saw Constance Haond sketching intricate black lines around models’ eyes in surprising locations. One model sported two parallel lines extending from the outer corner of her eyes, while another showcased a line drawn beneath her eyebrow. Haond’s inspiration was drawn from the fashion collection itself. She stated, “Upon encountering the collection, I felt a connection with its sculptural and mineral texture. This led me to use a stark, black paint around the eyes, reminiscent of obsidian rock.”

Haond’s objective was to highlight the strength and resilience of the models while also encapsulating the vulnerability inherent in humanity. She explained, “I utilized a wet texture on the black paint around the eyes and lips to symbolize fragility, while keeping the graphic shapes dry, akin to war paint, to evoke a sense of power.”

At ArdAzAei, Kendal also opted for bold, graphic eyes. She drew inspiration from the sci-fi classic ‘Blade Runner’ for the hair and makeup. However, she decided against a literal interpretation, instead choosing to apply graphic eyeliner just above the crease of the eye, leaving a gap before extending it towards the outer corner. This approach lent a dramatic flair reminiscent of ‘Blade Runner’, but with a contemporary spin.

“Eyebrows were given a masculine touch,” Kendal added. “We squared off the front of the brows and straightened them out to create a boyish look.”

Meanwhile, Marcello Costa, inspired by Imane Ayissi’s collection, sought to translate the details, textures, and colors of Ayissi’s designs into makeup. He adorned models’ eyebrows with metallic sequins and painted their upper eyelids in shades of pink. According to Costa, “Makeup is another medium for storytelling.”

In Scottsdale Arizona Lashes and other beauty hotspots across the globe, these trends are expected to influence both professional makeup artists and women’s beauty enthusiasts alike. The boldness of these looks is likely to inspire those who enjoy experimenting with their style.

The trend of graphic eyeliner also opens up opportunities for businesses in the beauty industry that specialize in services like eyelash extensions and eyebrow threading. As women seek to replicate these runway looks, they are likely to turn to professionals for help in achieving precise lines and well-defined eyebrows.

In conclusion, the Fall 2023 couture season was not only about haute couture fashion but also about bold, graphic makeup trends that captivated audiences worldwide. These trends are set to shape the women’s beauty industry in the coming months, offering exciting opportunities for both consumers and businesses alike. From graphic eyeliner to metallic eyebrows, it’s clear that this season, makeup is not just an accessory but an integral part of one’s overall look.