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The runways of Spring/Summer 2024 have spoken, and the word is out: bright blue makeup is the new trendsetter. However, this isn’t the tacky blue mascara from your teenage years that’s making a comeback. The SS24 version is a mature, more sophisticated rendition: bolder, sexier, and more deliberate. From electrifying eyes at Matty Bovan to deep denim lips at Talia Byre and Burberry, the pristine and fresh faces of SS24 were enlivened with vibrant strokes of blue. The most surprising part? This makeup trend is genuinely wearable.

What made these runway looks stand out in a positive light was their perfect blend of boldness and subtlety. For every burst of cobalt, there was a toned-down eye, seemingly makeup-free skin, or a nude lip to harmonize the look. Granted, it might take some adjustment – the idea of wearing blue lipstick to your next dinner party might evoke memories of Joey’s ‘Ichiban’ commercial from Friends – but if you follow the experts’ advice, infusing a touch of blue into your makeup is simpler than you might think…

The first step to embracing this trend doesn’t involve any blue at all. As seen at London Fashion Week, the ideal complement to blue makeup is fresh, radiant skin. Hence, skincare is where it all begins – the more luminous the skin, the better. Start with a gentle exfoliator like Kate Somerville ExfoliKate to brighten, followed by a hyaluronic acid applied to slightly damp skin (Paula’s Choice Hyaluronic Acid Booster is a good option) to hydrate. Finish with a glow-enhancing moisturizer such as Emma Lewisham Illuminating Brighten Your Day Crème. (And never forget your SPF.)

When it comes to makeup: ‘I adore seeing natural skin,’ says makeup artist Miranda Joyce, who was behind the looks for Matty Bovan’s SS24 show. ‘It feels contemporary and fresh and served as an excellent backdrop for the strong eye color. We just concealed and used a light brush of foundation where needed. Also, no powder, the shine was a strong, almost disheveled look.’ The team used Lisa Eldridge Beauty Seamless Skin foundation and the Elevated Glow Highlighter in Celestial Fire and Pink Moon for a subtle sheen.

If you’re new to the world of colorful makeup, your eyes are the easiest entry point. The electric blue eye makeup sported by models including Ashley Graham, Precious Lee, and Richie Shazam at Matty Bovan can serve as the perfect SS24 inspiration. This look is perfect for makeup beginners. Makeup artist Joyce applied rich blue color across models’ lids and under the eyes (from the By Beauty Bay Midnight 9 Colour Palette), letting it smudge and drip down towards the cheeks for a just-got-home-at-5am-and-forgot-to-take-off-my-makeup effect.

If you’re not quite ready to go full Matty Bovan-bright yet, start with a hint of the same bold color. ‘Bright mascaras are an excellent way to introduce color in an easy and flattering way; layer them up to get an intense color. Also, a bright eye pencil in the waterline gives a pop,’ suggests Joyce. Try a smudge of Fenty Beauty Flypencil Longwear Pencil Eyeliner in Sea About It, a flick of Dior Diorshow On Stage Liner in Satin Indigo or a wash of MAC Eyeshadow in Atlantic Blue over lids for a subtle nod to the trend.

Now that you’ve mastered fresh skin and experimented with colorful eyes, it’s time to tackle the big one: the dark blue lip. Seen at both Talia Byre and Burberry’s SS24 shows, the look was not paired with avant-garde clothing, but with everyday and evening wear – further evidence that blue lips deserve a spot in your daily makeup routine. To keep the look chic, stick with deeper hues of navy and denim (avoiding paler blues that might make you look like you’ve got frostbite) and keep the rest of the face bare. Burberry’s petrol-blue lips were paired with ultra-light makeup – think groomed brows, a slick of mascara, and concealer only where needed.

To achieve this look, start by prepping your lips with a gentle exfoliator, such as Refy Lip Buff, before applying a thick layer of balm (the Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment is a reliable choice) for a hydrated, smooth base. Then, it’s time for the application. Precision is key to making this look work. Apply a rich blue lipstick (MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Matte Royal is the perfect deep hue) and feel free to use a brush (like the super-fine Vieve 229 Lip and Line Brush) if you need help staying within the lines. Then, clean up any smudges around the edge with a cotton bud dipped in a little micellar water and you’re ready to make your big blue debut. This trend is sure to make waves in women’s beauty, particularly in regions known for their love of bold makeup looks, like Scottsdale, Arizona. So why not give it a try? After all, there’s nothing like a vibrant pop of color to shake up your routine and make you feel fabulous.