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Courtney Hart, a renowned makeup artist based in Los Angeles, is known for her beauty expertise and skills that she has utilized on high-profile celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Chelsea Handler, Rachel Bilson, and Kaley Cuoco. A trusted figure in the world of women’s beauty, Hart frequently shares her insights and recommendations on various makeup and skincare products via her social media platforms. Recently, she took to TikTok to share her thoughts on Sephora’s product lineup in a two-part series that aired in September.

In the first part of the series, Hart addressed the hype surrounding certain products available at Sephora. She candidly expressed her disappointment with Pat McGrath’s glitter eyeshadows. “These glittery ones, they get everywhere,” Hart stated as she held up a palette in the Sephora store. “They will not stay.” She suggested that Urban Decay’s glitter eyeshadows were a better alternative due to their pigmentation.

Hart then moved onto a product she felt was underrated – the lip liners by Anastasia Beverly Hills. “Do not sleep on these, they are incredible,” she urged her viewers, swatching the ‘malt’ shade on her hand to showcase its creamy consistency and deep brown color. She also praised their eyeshadows, which she felt were often overlooked.

Turning her attention to powders, Hart revealed that the Laura Mercier powder was overrated. Instead, she advocated for the One/Size powder, which she described as ‘perfect’ and mentioned that it’s available in mini sizes.

In the second part of her series, Hart delved into skincare products. She expressed her belief that The Glow Recipe was overrated despite its popularity among Gen-Z consumers. Instead, she suggested viewers explore First Aid Beauty, a brand she described as ‘highly underrated.’

Hart also shared her thoughts on Makeup by Mario’s skin enhancers. Despite initially being excited about them, she found they didn’t do enough and removed them from her kit. However, she highlighted the Artist Color Pencils from Makeup Forever as an underrated gem, using them constantly on both lips and eyes.

The makeup artist didn’t shy away from discussing luxury brands either. She called out YSL’s iconic Touche Éclat concealer as overrated, suggesting there were better and more affordable options available. She also mentioned that while she’s a fan of Fenty’s lip glosses, their Flypencil eyeliners weren’t worth the investment as they ‘dry out immediately.’

Hart concluded her series by praising the Sephora Collection brand as underrated. “They have access to every lab, they know what everyone’s doing, every trend, and they do an incredible job,” she said.

Hart’s insights were well-received by her followers, many of whom agreed with her assessments. One user wrote, “YES! Those Makeup Forever Pencils have come in handy so many times!!” Another added, “I love the Sephora lip liners SO underrated.”

Hart’s candid reviews offer valuable insights for those interested in women’s beauty and makeup. Whether you’re in Scottsdale, Arizona looking for the perfect lashes or seeking the best eyebrow threading technique, Hart’s expertise can guide you in the right direction. Remember, as Hart notes, “makeup is personal and trial and error is sometimes the best way to find what the right products are for you.