The FlashLash – Scottsdale, Arizona | Beauty Salon

In the wake of the cultural sensation that is the “Barbie” movie, Crossroads Art House in Scottsdale, Arizona, decided to host its first-ever makeup class, aptly named Barbie Night. While the event might not have been a box office hit like the film, it was nonetheless a delightful experience for those who attended.

The concept of the makeup class was born during a brainstorming session among local artists. “We were discussing ways to incorporate more art into our everyday lives, and I casually suggested makeup,” said Mike Michael, a renowned local makeup artist. The upcoming Barbie movie was mentioned and the idea to host a Barbie-inspired makeup class was born.

The event was not just about makeup; it also included a fun art project. Attendees got to witness Lynn Garcia, a 23-year-old social media influencer from Victoria, transform into Barbie. Apart from this, they also got a chance to craft their own Barbie shoe cell phone holders using clay. They shaped the clay into high-heeled stilettos, using rolling pins to flatten the clay and then meticulously carving it into the desired shape.

For Philip Hernandez, a Victoria resident and artist, the event provided an opportunity to reconnect with his love for clay. “It was such a joy to work with clay again,” he said. “I haven’t had the chance since I graduated college about five years ago. It’s wonderful to see people expressing their creativity inspired by the movie.”

Garcia, who attended the event clad in a bright pink jersey, vibrant red hair, and pink sunglasses, was thrilled with her Barbie makeover. “I absolutely love it,” she gushed. “It’s so much fun to have someone else do your makeup.” As a lifelong Barbie fan, Garcia was excited to participate in the event and get dolled up like her favorite childhood toy.

Despite the low turnout at Barbie Night, Michael and Claire Santellana, owner of Crossroads Art House, are optimistic about hosting similar events in the future. “As more people become aware of these unique events and see what they entail, I believe we’ll see an increase in attendance,” said Michael Santellana.

Claire Santellana is particularly excited about the art aspect of the event. She plans to continue incorporating an art project alongside the makeup lesson to enrich the experience for attendees. The goal is to keep the groups small and manageable for a more personalized experience. She is also eager to see how the makeup lessons will evolve, especially around October.

The integration of women’s beauty and art at Crossroads Art House’s event is a refreshing take on community engagement. It not only provided attendees with an opportunity to learn about makeup techniques like eyelash extensions and eyebrow threading but also allowed them to express their creativity through art.

In conclusion, while Barbie Night may not have been a massive hit, it was a step in the right direction for Crossroads Art House. The event successfully combined elements of women’s beauty and art in a fun and engaging way, offering attendees an experience they won’t soon forget. With plans for more such events in the future, Scottsdale’s beauty enthusiasts have something exciting to look forward to.