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When you think of the quintessential French beauty, Violette Serrat is a name that springs to mind. The self-taught makeup artist has been at the forefront of the beauty industry, creating stunning looks for magazine shoots and leading the way in product development for renowned brands such as Estee Lauder and Guerlain. So, when she unveiled her own beauty brand, Violette_FR, in 2021, it’s no surprise that beauty enthusiasts were eager to get their hands on the collection.

The aesthetic of the Violette_FR brand is unquestionably pleasing to the eye, and there was an initial concern that it might prioritize style over substance. However, one quickly discovers that this is far from the truth. The brand’s debut product, the much-anticipated Petal Bouche Matte liquid lipstick, has quickly become a go-to for a bold red lip.

While the Petal Bouche Matte lipstick was an instant hit, the rest of Violette_FR’s curated collection is also worth exploring. The brand appears to have been meticulously planned, with Violette choosing to expand product shade ranges rather than launching entirely new products. This approach suggests a perfectionist’s touch in terms of formulations.

Although the products themselves might not be groundbreaking, their formulas are distinct. They are richly pigmented and have a waxy texture rather than a glossy finish, setting them apart from other products in the women’s beauty market. However, quality comes with a price tag; Violette_FR’s products start at around £30.

To help you decide where to invest your money wisely, here are some insights into the products that are worth the splurge and those that might not be your cup of tea. These recommendations should guide you towards achieving that coveted French Girl aesthetic.

The first recommendation is, of course, the Petal Bouche Matte liquid lipstick. It’s a perfect blend of boldness and sophistication, delivering a statement red lip that would make even the most seasoned makeup artist envious. It’s a great addition to your makeup collection, whether you’re in Scottsdale, Arizona, or anywhere else in the world.

For those who love eyelash extensions, the brand’s mascara is a must-try. It gives lashes a full, voluminous look that is perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions. It’s a great alternative to eyelash extensions, offering a natural yet enhanced look.

If you’re into eyebrow threading and shaping, Violette_FR also offers an eyebrow pencil that creates natural-looking brows. The pencil’s fine tip allows for precise application, making it easy to shape and fill in your brows to achieve your desired look.

While the brand’s products are a bit on the expensive side, they offer excellent quality and have been thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of modern women. Violette_FR is not just about makeup; it’s about creating a beauty experience that embraces the French Girl aesthetic – effortless, chic, and timeless.

In conclusion, Violette_FR is a brand that brings French Girl beauty to your doorstep. From its bold lip colors to its eyebrow pencils and mascara, it offers products that enhance your natural beauty while adding a touch of sophistication. Whether you’re a seasoned makeup artist or a beauty enthusiast, there’s something for you in Violette_FR’s collection. So why not explore this brand and discover your own French Girl aesthetic?