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In the realm of beauty promotion, Instagram takes the crown as the preferred platform for artists to showcase their work, as revealed in the 2023 Beauty Issue of The Hollywood Reporter. Almost every artist featured in the 2023 Glam Squads list identified Instagram as their go-to platform, with TikTok coming in as a close second.

“Instagram is my living portfolio,” says Amy Komorowski, a renowned groomer. Echoing her sentiments is Jenna Nicole, a makeup artist, who believes, “Instagram is the most authentic medium for me to showcase my work and engage with clients, brands, and a community of makeup enthusiasts.”

The popularity of Instagram in the beauty industry is underpinned by its staggering user base. With over 2 billion active users per month sharing approximately 2 billion daily reels through direct messages, Instagram stands as a titan in the social media landscape.

Eva Chen, Vice President of Fashion Partnerships at Meta (the parent company of Instagram), and a former beauty editor with a hefty following of 2.5 million on Instagram, illuminates why beauty content thrives on the platform. According to her, behind-the-scenes videos and photos that capture the creation of celebrity looks often go viral. These moments offer an authenticity that users find irresistible.

Chen also highlights significant beauty moments that took Instagram by storm in 2023. These include Doja Cat’s red crystals look at Paris in January, Jennifer Coolidge’s e.l.f. Cosmetics ad, Beyoncé’s concert looks, Taylor Swift’s red lip, Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala hair, and Pamela Anderson’s no-makeup look at Paris Fashion Week in September.

“Sofia Richie’s wedding makeup routine was immensely popular. Hailey Bieber does an amazing job documenting her day, whether it’s through nails or the lip product she’s using from her brand Rhode,” adds Chen. “It’s so inspiring to see creators who are leveraging this really organic, joyful conversation of what they are doing in terms of glam.”

The platform also offers best-practices sessions tailored to glam squads. This provides an opportunity for artists to learn and grow in their craft, further cementing Instagram’s place in the beauty industry.

Chen points out that beauty content is also popular due to its accessible price points compared with high-end fashion. “One of the most amazing things that I hear is that it allows them to understand professional paths they didn’t know existed, to understand what it takes to make it in the industry.”

From eyelash extensions to eyebrow threading, Instagram has become a hub for promoting all aspects of women’s beauty. It’s a platform where makeup artists and enthusiasts alike can connect, learn, and inspire each other. For those in Scottsdale, Arizona, where lashes are a big deal, Instagram serves as a vital tool for showcasing their work and attracting potential clients.

In conclusion, Instagram’s role in promoting beauty work is undeniable. It serves as a dynamic portfolio for artists, a platform for engagement with clients and brands, and a source of beauty trends and inspiration. As the beauty industry continues to evolve, Instagram is poised to remain at the forefront of this evolution, offering a space where creativity and authenticity thrive.