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The world of beauty has been stirred, not shaken, by a new trend that’s sweeping across social media platforms with a bold and intoxicating flair. Known as the #MartiniMakeup trend, it’s a cocktail of vibrant colors, daring styles, and a splash of luxury that has beauty enthusiasts and influencers raising their glasses in approval.

“Martini Makeup is now a thing,” declared Brittney Foley, a 30-year-old makeup artist from New York, as she introduced her followers to the trend in a tutorial that has since gone viral. “It’s a departure from the softer, strawberry makeup trend and leans more towards the edgy, unapproachable makeup style.”

This intoxicating trend, which has already garnered a staggering 1.5 million views under its hashtag on TikTok, encourages women to channel the elegance and sophistication of their favorite martini style. Whether they prefer a classic martini, a dirty martini, or even an espresso martini, this trend allows them to showcase their personal style through makeup.

Achieving this look involves a combination of sharp eyeliner wings, glitter-infused eyeshadows on the hood of the eye, and for those who prefer their martinis with a twist of olive, eye-popping olive-colored shadows. “The idea is to create a makeup look that mirrors your favorite drink,” explains Zoe Kim Kenealy, a 27-year-old beauty influencer from Boston who initiated the “dirty martini makeup” movement in November 2022.

Kenealy is no stranger to pioneering beauty trends. She previously introduced the “Cold Girl” makeup trend where women mimic the rosy glow of fresh winter air on their faces, and the “crying” makeup trend that involves creating a look of soft vulnerability. However, she explains that the martini makeup trend is all about capturing a certain mood. “When I order a dirty martini at a bar, I feel bold, sophisticated and luxurious. This makeup trend aims to recreate that feeling,” she said.

Claudia Neacsu, a 27-year-old beauty content creator from the United Kingdom, has also embraced this trend and shared her own version of martini makeup on TikTok. She used an array of green hues from Natasha Denona’s Yucca eye shadow palette ($69), along with the brand’s Macro Tech eye crayon in “Willow” ($24) and L’Oréal’s Telescopic mascara ($11.99). Her video has since received over 659,000 views with comments such as “Omg! This is a must try!” and “Just Wow,” accompanied by the martini glass emoji.

However, not everyone is toasting to this new trend. Critics argue that it’s just another passing fad in the ever-changing world of beauty. Alexa, a 23-year-old critic, commented, “It’s just regular makeup,” while another user named Krissy P pleaded, “Please don’t make [martini makeup] a thing. I am so sick and tired of these makeup trends.”

Despite these criticisms, Kenealy maintains that these trends are what keeps the beauty community vibrant and exciting. She argues that giving trends catchy names like martini makeup or latte makeup adds an element of fun and engagement. “Every trend needs a fun title. There’s no point in giving a video a very basic and simple title,” she said. “We’re all just having fun. People shouldn’t take it so seriously.”

Whether you’re an enthusiast of eyebrow threading, eyelash extensions or any other aspect of women’s beauty, there’s no denying that the #MartiniMakeup trend is shaking up the beauty scene in Scottsdale Arizona Lashes and beyond. And with its bold colors and luxurious vibe, it’s certainly one trend that’s hard to resist.