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draw a line from the top of your ear to the corner of your mouth. Apply the bronzer along this line, blending upward.

Marilyn Monroe, renowned for her remarkable beauty and exceptional talent, remains an iconic figure in the world of women’s beauty more than half a century after her passing. Her timeless makeup techniques – winged eyeliner, radiant skin, and of course, those signature red lips – continue to inspire and captivate beauty enthusiasts around the world. Whether you’re a seasoned makeup artist or a beginner, recreating Marilyn’s iconic look can be a fun and empowering exercise.

Monroe’s makeup routine was not just about creating an iconic look; it also incorporated anti-aging benefits. Known for her glowing skin, she achieved this by applying Vaseline under her foundation, a technique now known as “slugging.” This method ensured her skin always appeared dewy and youthful.

To recreate this radiant complexion, start by applying concealer to any blemishes or areas of redness. Blend the edges towards the rest of the face with a concealer brush. Next, using a foundation brush, apply a foundation that matches your skin tone to any areas that need further coverage. To set your base, dust loose powder all over your face with a large powder brush.

For that rosy glow reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s look, smile and take note of the muscle that tightens on your cheeks. This is where you’ll apply your blush, either with a cream formula or a powder formula using a blush brush. Finally, contour your face using a matte finish bronzer applied under the cheekbone to create depth and dimension.

Monroe’s eyes were always a focal point of her look, often emphasized with winged eyeliner and lash extensions. Scottsdale Arizona Lashes can help you achieve this look if you’re in the area. To start, apply a thin layer of shadow primer onto a clean, dry eyelid. Use a concealer brush or ring finger to smooth it out.

Next, apply a brow highlight color that is a shade or two lighter than your skin color above the crease onto the brow bone using a fluffy blending brush. Then, apply an eyeshadow color darker than the eyelid color and the brow highlight in a windshield-wiper motion from the outer corner of your eyes to almost the inner corner.

The next step is to apply a color across the eyelid that’s close to your natural skin color using an eyeshadow brush. Underneath the eyes, apply eyeliner and smudge it out so it’s barely noticeable. For the iconic cat-eye shape, use an angled liner brush and a gel pot liquid eyeliner. Start with a thin line at the inner corner of the eye and gradually thicken it towards the ends, ending in a wing at the outer corner of the eyes.

Complete the look with several coats of defining mascara on both top and bottom lashes, ensuring they are separated and “fanned out.” You can add in a few false lashes if you want to create extra volume.

Marilyn’s eyes were always accentuated by her amazing eyebrows, so consider eyebrow threading to achieve a similar effect. Brush your brows in the direction they grow using a brow brush or lash comb and apply a thin layer of brow wax or pomade to keep them in place and deepen the brow color.

Recreating Marilyn Monroe’s iconic makeup look can be an exciting way to explore new techniques and products in women’s beauty. Whether you’re dressing up for a costume party or just want to try something different, these steps can help you achieve that timeless Monroe glamour.