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In the realm of women’s beauty, eyeshadow can often be seen as an intimidating product. With the myriad of choices between cream, powder, and liquid forms, the necessity of primers, application methods, and the choice between palettes or individual colors, it’s easy to understand why. However, beauty brand Merit has taken a bold step to simplify this process with the launch of its new Solo Shadow.

Merit is renowned for creating products that are not only elegant but also user-friendly and effective. This winning combination has won them a dedicated following which includes celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Cameron Diaz, as well as several beauty editors. The new Solo Shadow is no exception to Merit’s quality standards.

Available from today for InStyle readers and tomorrow for the general public, Solo Shadow is a cream-to-powder pigment that offers a soft, matte finish. The brand generously provided me with the entire collection over a month ago, allowing me ample time to experiment and discover the product’s true potential.

The Solo Shadow is indeed a rose without thorns. It has a creamy consistency that makes it easy to apply. It sets quickly, within about three seconds, but once it does, it doesn’t move an inch. It proved resilient against all elements including heat, rain, and sweat. Even my oily skin and hooded eyelids couldn’t make it budge.

The Solo Shadow is not just makeup; it’s skincare too. The formula is enriched with chamomile, calendula, sunflower seed oil, and magnolia bark. This blend of ingredients offers antioxidant benefits while being gentle, soothing, anti-aging, and hydrating.

The Solo Shadow collection features eight shades. Six of these are neutrals with the remaining two being a rich navy blue (Midnight) and a forest green (Viper) for those who dare to experiment with bold yet approachable colors. The universal shades that I would recommend to anyone are Studio, a rose-mauve taupe, and Vachetta, a honey beige.

In conjunction with the launch of Solo Shadow, Merit is also releasing its second-ever makeup brush, Brush No. 2. This brush features soft vegan bristles that are perfect for even the most sensitive eyes.

Based on the popularity of previous launches from Merit, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Solo Shadow quickly sells out and amasses a long waitlist. Therefore, seize this opportunity to shop Solo Shadow before everyone else.

In conclusion, whether you’re an expert in makeup or just starting out, whether you’re into eyelash extensions or eyebrow threading or just looking for a simple eyeshadow to enhance your natural beauty, Merit’s new Solo Shadow is a product worth considering. Its simplicity doesn’t compromise its quality, making it an ideal choice for any Scottsdale Arizona Lashes enthusiast or any woman looking for a versatile eyeshadow that’s easy to use and delivers impressive results.