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In the evolving world of women’s beauty, makeup application techniques are continually being refined and improved. One surprising tool that has recently gained popularity among makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts alike is the dermaplaning razor. This multipurpose tool is not only used for shaping eyebrows but also for removing the fine ‘peach fuzz’ hair on cheeks and the upper lip area. The result? A smoother canvas for foundation and blush application that enhances the overall makeup look.

Dermaplaning razors have become a favorite among makeup artists in Scottsdale, Arizona, and beyond, for their ability to elevate makeup application to a new level. One makeup artist shared her experience: “I kept hearing about how face shaving, or dermaplaning, makes makeup look better and gives the skin a radiant glow. I decided to give it a try and was astounded by the results! The amount of white peach fuzz that came off in small strokes was unbelievable. I also found it to be an excellent tool for eyebrow shaping.”

She further added, “It’s crucial to cleanse properly before using dermaplaning razors as you will be opening up your pores in the process of exfoliating. Some users have reported breakouts, which I suspect is due to inadequate cleansing. From my research, experts recommend refraining from wearing makeup on the day you use this tool and applying moisturizer afterward. To sanitize the blade after use, I dip it in rubbing alcohol.”

Contrary to some reviews that mention accidental cuts during the use of dermaplaning razors, this makeup artist assures that with the right technique, such incidents can be avoided. “Hold the tool at a 45-degree angle, make small strokes downward, and hold the skin taut on the area you are shaving – it’s as simple as that,” she advises.

Dermaplaning razors are not just for professional makeup artists; they are also perfect for those who love to experiment with their makeup looks at home. They are affordable and easy to use, making them a valuable addition to any beauty routine. A three-count pack of these razors is available on Amazon for just $4.74, with a nine-pack option also available for those who want to stock up.

The rise of dermaplaning razors in the beauty industry underscores the increasing focus on achieving flawless makeup application. Alongside other popular beauty services like eyelash extensions and eyebrow threading, dermaplaning is becoming an essential part of many women’s beauty routines.

While dermaplaning razors have been around for some time, their use in improving makeup application is a relatively new trend. However, given their effectiveness and affordability, they are likely to remain a staple in many beauty kits for years to come.

In conclusion, dermaplaning razors offer an innovative solution for achieving a smoother skin surface for makeup application. Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or a beauty enthusiast, incorporating this tool into your routine can significantly enhance your overall makeup look. So why not give it a try? Your skin and your makeup will thank you!