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ILLINOIS, USA (July 7, 2023) – Red Hill Raceway in Sumner, Illinois, has announced the cancellation of its upcoming DIRTcar Summer Nationals Late Models and Summit Racing Equipment Modified Nationals events. The raceway has cited staffing issues as the primary reason for the cancellation, which was initially scheduled for Monday, July 10.

The raceway management has been unable to secure the necessary personnel to ensure the smooth running of these highly anticipated events. This unfortunate turn of events has left many racing enthusiasts disappointed and eager for a resolution.

For those who have already purchased pit admission for the event, Red Hill Raceway is providing options for reimbursement. Patrons can either redeem their pit admissions at the raceway’s subsequent two events or opt for a refund. To avail of the refund, ticket holders are required to mail back their wristbands postmarked by August 7, 2023. The package should include the wristband itself, the name associated with the band, and a self-addressed envelope or return address. Refunds will be processed and checks will be mailed back to the purchaser’s provided address.

In light of the cancellation, the 38th annual DIRTcar Summer Nationals Hell Tour will now wrap up on Sunday, July 9, at Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, Indiana. Tickets for this event will be available at the entrance and can also be streamed live at

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So while it’s unfortunate that Red Hill Raceway won’t be hosting its scheduled events due to staffing constraints, it’s essential to remember that every cloud has a silver lining. In this case, it’s an opportunity to shift gears from high-speed races to the relaxing world of women’s beauty.

In conclusion, while we await further updates from Red Hill Raceway regarding their staffing situation and future events, why not take this time to explore other interests? After all, life isn’t always about the thrill of the race; sometimes, it’s about taking a pit stop to enjoy the smaller things in life – like getting a set of stunning eyelash extensions or having your eyebrows expertly threaded.