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Rihanna, the multifaceted artist, has always been known for her bold and trendsetting style. As she embraces motherhood for the second time with partner A$AP Rocky, her approach to beauty continues to evolve, but not at the cost of her unique sense of style. The Barbadian beauty, who welcomed her son RZA in May 2022, has been lauded for her groundbreaking approach to maternity fashion, from bold graphic tees to sultry lingerie ensembles.

However, after becoming a mother, there’s one aspect of her style that has seen a significant transformation – her skincare routine. This was revealed by her long-time makeup artist, Priscilla Ono, in an exclusive interview with E! News. “Rihanna’s skincare game has definitely intensified,” Priscilla said. “She was always particular about taking care of her skin, but post-pregnancy, she has taken it up a notch.”

The reason behind this shift? Rihanna noticed a change in her skin texture after pregnancy. As Priscilla, who is also the Global Makeup Artist for Fenty Beauty, explained, “Post-pregnancy, the skin tends to lose hydration. Rihanna is always looking for ways to nourish and rejuvenate her skin.”

Motherhood has also brought about subtle changes in Rihanna’s beauty routine, especially concerning her eye area. Even superstars like Rihanna are not immune to the effects of sleep deprivation that come with motherhood. “Rihanna has expressed the need for something to conceal the effects of lack of sleep,” said Priscilla. “She swears by the Pro Filt’r Concealer – it’s our go-to product. She believes that under-eye circles are her primary complexion concern.”

But concealing under-eye circles is not just about applying concealer; setting it properly is equally crucial. Priscilla explained their technique: “We use Invisimatte, a blotting powder, as an under-eye setting powder before applying any loose powder. It not only sets the concealer but also smooths and blurs the area, so you don’t need as much loose powder, which can often look cakey. It gives the under-eye area a smooth and refined appearance.”

Priscilla further revealed Rihanna’s love for Invisimatte: “Rihanna can’t do without her Invisimatte. I always give her one for her touch-up bag every time I do her makeup. She must have about 50 of them in her room.”

Despite these changes in her skincare and beauty routine post-pregnancy, Rihanna’s daring and innovative approach to style remains unchanged. “Rihanna has always been a risk-taker,” affirmed Priscilla. “That hasn’t changed. With her makeup, she wants to have fun and always maintains an unconventional mindset.”

Working with Rihanna has also pushed Priscilla to step outside her comfort zone and innovate constantly. “Rihanna doesn’t like repeating looks. She always challenges me to come up with something different,” said Priscilla.

In conclusion, whether it’s pushing boundaries in style or intensifying her skincare routine post-pregnancy, Rihanna continues to set trends and redefine women’s beauty norms. Her approach serves as an inspiration for many women worldwide, including those in Scottsdale Arizona Lashes community and fans of eyelash extensions and eyebrow threading techniques.