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In the world of glamour and glitz, Rihanna is a name that resonates not only for her chart-busting music but also for her foray into the beauty industry. In 2017, she launched her beauty brand, Fenty, which quickly became a sensation, carving out a niche in the women’s beauty domain. Fenty offers a broad spectrum of products, from foundations to highlighters and cleansing balms, and has now added another feather to its cap with the launch of its new face scrub, Cherry Dub.

The news of this launch was announced by none other than Rihanna herself. The pop icon took to Instagram to give her fans a glimpse of her natural skin, sans makeup, while using the new Cherry Dub Face Scrub. It’s not often that we get to see the “Diamonds” singer’s fresh face, as she is usually seen dazzling on the runway or flaunting her radiant pregnancy glow on the red carpet.

In a captivating Instagram video, Rihanna showcased the Cherry Dub Face Scrub ($28) in action. The camera zoomed in as she massaged the luxurious pink scrub into her skin. The result was nothing short of awe-inspiring. As she wiped her face clean, her naturally glowing complexion and skin texture were on full display, proving that Queen Ri shines not just on stage but also in the realm of skincare.

The caption accompanying the video read, “Y’all will neva catch @badgalriri slippin’ when #CherryDub Face Scrub is on deck!” It further described the product as a daily face scrub that melts into a cushiony lather to brighten, smooth, and refine pores for that skin poppin’ look. This enticing description is sure to have fans rushing to add the product to their shopping lists.

The launch of Cherry Dub Face Scrub is a testament to Rihanna’s commitment to creating high-quality beauty products. After all, a flawless face forms the perfect canvas for makeup, be it a simple eyebrow threading or a full-blown eyelash extensions look. And who better to demonstrate this than Rihanna, who hails from the entertainment industry and understands the importance of good skincare.

Fenty’s new face scrub is not just a product; it embodies Rihanna’s vision of empowering women to embrace their natural beauty. It encourages women to take care of their skin and provides them with a product that can help achieve a healthy, glowing complexion.

The launch of Cherry Dub Face Scrub is set to strengthen Fenty’s position in the women’s beauty industry. It’s an exciting addition to their range of products that cater to women who want to look and feel their best. Given Rihanna’s influence and Fenty’s reputation for quality, there’s no doubt that Cherry Dub Face Scrub will be well-received by fans and beauty enthusiasts alike.

So, whether you’re in Scottsdale, Arizona, getting your lashes done or at home looking for a new skincare product, Fenty’s Cherry Dub Face Scrub promises to be a worthy addition to your beauty regimen. After all, if it can make Rihanna’s skin glow, imagine what it can do for you.

To get a glimpse of Rihanna using the Cherry Dub Face Scrub and witness the glow it imparts, check out the full video here.