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Shannon Sharpe, the renowned sports analyst, recently found himself the center of attention for reasons unrelated to his expertise in sports. During a recent appearance on ESPN’s First Take, Sharpe’s makeup was noticeably different, sparking a flurry of reactions from viewers. Sharpe, 55, known for his insightful commentary on the latest happenings in sports, found his makeup mishap being humorously dissected on social media platforms.

One user compared Sharpe’s look to “funeral makeup”, while another likened him to “a stern cafeteria worker”. The internet was abuzz with jokes and comments about Sharpe’s new look. However, Sharpe, who recently left his longstanding position at FS1 for Undisputed alongside Skip Bayless, addressed the issue with grace and humor on social media.

Acknowledging the change in his appearance, Sharpe explained that he had a new makeup artist that day. He wrote, “Thank you for your concern about my makeup on @FirstTake this morning. It was her first time doing my makeup and it was a tad bit heavy.” He further added, “While my appearance is important, it’s not as crucial as my takes. I hope my takes were as great as always. #LipSparringChamp #BestDressed #Espn”

After his response, one comment suggested that the makeup artist might lose her job due to the incident. However, Sharpe quickly jumped to her defense, stating that she would improve with time and that it wasn’t the end of the world.

When another user compared Sharpe’s look to the fictional transgender basketball player, Juwanna Mann from the 2002 movie of the same name, Sharpe responded with grace and positivity, stating, “I’ll live and still extremely blessed.”

Sharpe also addressed why he pays heed to online trolls who mock his appearance. He expressed his gratitude towards them for watching and supporting him. His response is a testament to his positive attitude and his ability to handle criticism with grace and humor.

Sharpe’s departure from FS1’s Undisputed in June marked the end of nearly seven years of co-hosting the sports talk show with Skip Bayless. He now appears regularly on First Take, while Bayless, 71, continues to host the series with a new team of analysts, including rapper Lil Wayne.

Over the years, Sharpe and Bayless have often had differing takes on sports stories. Sharpe notably disagreed with a tweet Bayless wrote about Damar Hamlin, following the Buffalo Bills safety’s cardiac arrest during a game in January.

In a world where women’s beauty and makeup are often scrutinized and judged, it’s refreshing to see a male figure in the public eye handle a makeup mishap with such grace and humor. Sharpe’s reaction to this incident serves as a reminder that makeup, whether it’s eyelash extensions or eyebrow threading, is not exclusive to Scottsdale, Arizona lashes or any specific demographic. It’s a universal tool used to enhance one’s appearance and should be embraced by all, irrespective of gender.

In conclusion, Shannon Sharpe’s recent makeup mishap and his subsequent response is a testament to his positive attitude and ability to laugh at himself. It also highlights the importance of makeup in the media industry and how it can significantly impact one’s on-screen appearance.