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Sofia Richie Grainge, the style icon and influencer who has won the hearts of over 13 million followers on Instagram and TikTok, is a constant source of fashion and beauty inspiration. Her style is unique, chic, and effortlessly elegant. As a beauty editor, I’m particularly interested in her makeup routine and product recommendations, which she generously shares on her TikTok account in her ‘Get Ready With Me’ (GRWM) videos.

In these videos, Sofia takes us through her preparation process for various events – from high-profile black-tie affairs to casual summer days by the pool. Her followers, including myself, trust her product recommendations implicitly. Therefore, I decided to meticulously comb through her TikTok videos to compile a list of all the makeup products she has ever recommended. This list serves as a comprehensive guide for those aiming to emulate Sofia’s It-girl makeup look.

Sofia first introduced her followers to her favorite makeup products in a GRWM video posted on the eve of her wedding festivities in the South of France. The wedding, which took the internet by storm, saw Sofia sporting a classic makeup look that she often resorts to – fresh and effortless.

Let’s take a look at all 33 items that Sofia Richie Grainge recommends for achieving her signature style.

When it comes to her eyes, Sofia opts for eyelash extensions to enhance her natural lashes. For those in Scottsdale, Arizona, lashes can be obtained from various salons offering this service. Eyelash extensions add volume and length to your natural lashes, creating a fuller, more defined look.

For her eyebrows, Sofia prefers the precise and clean look achieved through eyebrow threading. This technique removes unwanted hair and shapes the eyebrows, providing a neat and defined look that complements her overall makeup style.

Sofia’s makeup routine emphasizes natural beauty. She opts for lightweight foundations and concealers that match her skin tone perfectly. She also prefers products that are easy to blend and provide a natural finish. She often uses cream-based blushes and bronzers to add a healthy glow to her skin.

For her lips, Sofia prefers nude shades that enhance her natural lip color. She often opts for lipsticks and lip glosses that provide a natural shine and keep her lips moisturized throughout the day.

In terms of brands, Sofia’s makeup bag includes products from both luxury and drugstore brands. She uses products from brands like MAC, NARS, Maybelline, and Benefit. She believes in using products that work best for her skin type and complexion rather than sticking to a single brand.

Sofia’s makeup routine is a testament to her belief in enhancing natural beauty. She opts for products that provide a fresh and effortless look rather than heavy makeup. Her product recommendations are reliable and have been tried and tested by the influencer herself.

Achieving Sofia Richie Grainge’s It-girl makeup look is all about embracing your natural beauty and using the right products to enhance it. Whether you’re preparing for a black-tie event or a casual day at the beach, following Sofia’s makeup routine and product recommendations can help you achieve an effortlessly chic look.

Remember, the key to achieving Sofia’s signature style is not just about using the right products but also about applying them correctly. Practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques until you find what works best for you.

In the world of women’s beauty, Sofia Richie Grainge is an inspiration. Her style is fresh, effortless, and chic. By following her makeup routine and product recommendations, you too can achieve the It-girl look that Sofia is renowned for.