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Wet look Eyelash Extensions is the trend that women worldwide aspire to achieve; the ultimate glamorous trend with fuller, longer, and thicker lashes. For that perfect makeup look to complete, eyelash extensions are an essential element. In recent lash extension trends, the new kid on the block is the wet look eyelash extension.

These extensions are gaining popularity for their realistic, natural, and fuller-looking lash sets.

In this posts we will discover the secret behind the wet look eyelashes and their surge in popularity.


First things first, what exactly are wet look eyelash extensions?

The term refers to the special lash style technique used to apply the lashes to create a fuller, more natural look. Currently, it is a widespread trend within the United States.

Traditional extensions involve placing synthetic lashes on top of your natural eyelashes, creating a more dramatic, voluminous effect. Wet look utilize lightweight lashes arranged in a narrow fashion over your lash line creating an elegant, closed fan. They are applied individually, giving a fuller and thicker appearance without the added weight that traditional extensions often have. This technique usually results in a more natural look.

The benefits ow Wet Look Eyelashes.

One of the benefits of wet look eyelash extensions is how natural they look compared to other types of extensions. This technique allows for a more natural, yet elegant and beautiful look that blends seamlessly with your natural lashes. With wet look extensions, you can say goodbye to the clumpy, spidery and welcome a more subtle, yet classic look.

A benefit of wet look is that they are much more comfortable and gentle on your natural eyelashes. Traditional extensions often come with added weight, which can damage your natural lashes over time.

Wet look eyelashes are much lighter and easier to maintain.

However, the question is, how does one begin with achieving the wet look Eyelash Extensions? First, find a trained certified technician who specializes in this technique. She will evaluate your natural lashes to determine the most suitable length, thickness, and curl for the extensions.

The lashes are then applied individually using the closed fan technique, which creates the wet look effect. You will be able to say bye to your morning routine with the mascara.

How long does it take to achieve this look?

Typically, the procedure takes around two hours and is suitable for different types of eye shapes, like other sets. However, if a person has sparse lashes, it is recommended to choose volume set instead.

Typically, the procedure takes around two hours and is suitable for different types of eye shapes, like other sets. However, if a person has sparse lashes, it is recommended to choose volume set instead.

Wet eyelash extension look

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Eyelash wet look at the flashlash

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Wet look eyelash extensions are a game-changer in the world of eyelash extensions. They’re more natural-looking than volume lashes and lighter and easier to maintain than traditional sets like classic eyelashes. With wet look, you can achieve that ultimate glam look without the added weight and damage to your natural lashes.

The difference different between Classic Lash Extensions and Wet Look Extensions

Wet-look eyelash extensions require a higher number of bundles to attain a more compact and deeper appearance. This entails fixing 2-3 extensions onto a single natural lash, rather than the typical single extension.

How long does Wet Look Eyelash Extension last?

The answer is that, with proper care, they can last up to 6 weeks just like any other set. Despite their bold appearance, wet-look require the same amount of care and attention as classic or volume false eyelashes.

It is important to clean them twice daily using a cleanser or oil-free eye makeup remover around the eye area. Additionally, it is recommended to get regular fills every 2-3 weeks.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can enjoy your captivating wet-look for weeks to come! It is important to avoid getting them wet during the next 24 hour as the glue needs time to set.

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