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The allure of winged eyeliner is timeless, and its resurgence in popularity is a testament to its transformative power. The classic beauty trend, once donned by the iconic Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor, has found a new lease on life as it soars across social media platforms. With over 540 million views under the #wingedeyeliner tag on TikTok, it’s clear that this makeup technique is once again capturing the hearts of beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

Winged eyeliner is not just for the young or the steady-handed; it’s a versatile look that flatters all ages and eye shapes, making it a staple in Women’s beauty. For those over 40, in particular, makeup artists highlight its age-defying benefits. “It allows you to extend and lift the eye, it gives saggy or droopy eyelids a lift and snatches the face up and out,” explains makeup artist Emily Gray, whose expertise has graced the faces of celebrities like Kimberly Schalpman and LeAnn Rimes. The strategic flick of liner adds definition and contrast, accentuating the eyes and giving the illusion of fuller lashes, even for those with thinner lash lines.

The canthal tilt—a slight upward slant at the outer corner of the eyes often associated with youthful attractiveness—can be mimicked with a well-placed wing. But if the thought of free-handing this look intimidates you, fear not. There are several tips and tricks that can help you achieve that perfect wing with ease.

One such technique involves the use of Q-tips, an everyday item that offers precise control to shape your wing. Makeup artist Emily Gray recommends drawing your eyeliner as desired, then using a cotton swab dipped in micellar water or makeup remover to clean up and sharpen the bottom edge of the wing. This method alleviates the pressure to nail the perfect wing on your first try.

Another popular hack is the tape trick, which ensures a crisp line every time. Simply align a piece of tape from the outer corner of your eye towards the end of your eyebrow to serve as a guide for your eyeliner. This foolproof method guarantees symmetry and precision, making it a favorite among makeup enthusiasts.

For an unconventional yet effective tool, look no further than your kitchen drawer—a teaspoon can be your guide to the perfect swoop. Placing the bowl of the spoon over your eyelid and tracing along its curve can create a smooth, consistent wing. Alternatively, for those with hooded eyes or who prefer a subtler look, using your finger to create a small flick at the outer corner of your eyes can be surprisingly effective.

The kitten flick is yet another iteration of the winged eyeliner trend that offers a more understated approach. This miniature version of the cat eye still provides a lift at the outer corners for a youthful appearance without extending too far out. It’s a modern twist on a classic look that’s perfect for everyday wear.

For those in Scottsdale Arizona Lashes and eyelash extensions can further enhance the effect of winged eyeliner. The added volume and length from extensions complement the boldness of the wing, creating an even more dramatic and captivating look. And if you’re looking to frame your eyes beautifully, eyebrow threading is an excellent way to tidy up and define your brows, providing the perfect canvas for any eye makeup look.

In conclusion, whether you’re a seasoned makeup pro or new to the game, winged eyeliner is an accessible trend that can elevate your look with just a little practice and patience. Embrace these tips and embrace the confidence that comes with mastering this timeless beauty technique.